First Nature Nursery Services

What we Grow, wholesale and retail


Our specialty is machine dug five to ten foot specimen evergreens. We grow full size evergreens that are native, naturalized and ornamental including:

Ornamental Branches

Our Fall and winter is kept busy with fresh cuts of bulk or bunched ornamental branches for the floral and Garden centre market.


A live stake is a cutting of a stem of a plant that will easily root when inserted into the soil. The types of plants that are used include Willow, Dogwood, Poplar and elderberry. These cuttings range in size from 10mm diameter up to 40mm diameter and range in length from 50cm up to 125cm. These stakes are cut at both ends and have most of the branching removed.

We normally supply the landscape and nursery industry with the products we sell. The cuttings are then installed by professionals for streamside reparation, bank stabilization and wetland plantings. They are pushed in the ground more than half the length of the stake to maximise rooting potential and take advantage of moisture in the lower regions of the soil.


Willow rods can be used for creating an instant fence or barrier by pushing 200-300cm stems into the ground in a line. These are normally spaced about 6" apart and are held steady from winds etc in the first year or so by a wire or wooden structure. Once established the supporting structure is removed and the willow fence will stand on its own.

These willow rods can also be manipulated into play structures, tunnels, etc. The options are unlimited.


Fascines (also called Wattles) are defined as a tied bundle of branches. Many of the quotes and jobs that we have done call for 200-250cm length bundles that range in size from 15-30cm diameter. These bundles are tied with sisal in 5 spots along the length of the fascine. These bundles are normally secured along stream banks with heavy live stakes and covered with soil and left to root and thus stabilize the stream bank.

The fascines can be made up of a variety of different size and types of branches depending on the requirements of the job. A typical fascine would be 20 cm diameter by 200cm with a mix of dogwood and willow varieties.

Many of the specs for fascines and live stakes used in naturalization of wetlands most often call for native plant material.


We generally only supply the cuttings when the plants are dormant so early spring and late fall tends to be the time for planting. That being said we have had people plant a willow fence in May and it rooted itself. Many of the jobs that we have supplied are planted and left and the live stakes are left to fend for themselves. When a stake that is not dormant is cut and planted it takes lot more care and water in order for it to establish itself.

We will supply any time of the year but the risk will vary depending on how it is used and we will not guarantee results.


We require a couple days notice for small orders of 1000 stakes or less but the more notice the better for everyone to ensure availability. Large spring orders would be needed before April so that we don't cut the required shrubs to the ground.

We require a minimum $50.00 order which can be shipped at your cost from our facility by Courier. Shipping would have to be arranged for large orders of fencing or fascines